Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada

Swallowtail Events

d Int’l Lighthouse Lightship Weekend

We host a group of amateur ham radio operators the third full weekend of August as part of the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend where they try to contact other operators set up at lighthouses and lightships around the world. Depending on atmospheric conditions, twenty or more contacts can be made during the weekend.

b Keepers Program

If you are interested in holding a workshop, have a field course that needs a home base while on Grand Manan or want to live at Swallow Tail to pursue creative interests such as writing, photography, music or other artistic pursuits, the keepers house may be available.

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b Become a Volunteer Keeper

If you would like to become a volunteer keeper at Swallow Tail light station, we accept applications from individuals or couples to help preserve and promote the history of light keeping and to help run the light station. Individuals live on site from as early as late May until the end of September or even into October and may be involved in all activities to manage and maintain the property, buildings and activities. Applicants need to be physically fit, outgoing and able to work both independently and within a team during the summer when students are also working on the property.

Download an Application form.

For more information read our information sheet.

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b Rentals / Other Uses

The peninsula is available for special events such as family reunion picnics, weddings, memorials. A user fee may be involved if the buildings (lighthouse, keepers house) are needed or the use of the ATV is required to move equipment, etc.

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b Memorial / Commemorative Deck

A commemorative deck was built where the old keepers house was located. It incorporates some of the railings salvaged from the original lantern deck which were discarded on the rocks below the lighthouse.

The deck is dedicated to the late Elodie Ingalls Foster, the keeper who died tragically in 1936 when her clothes caught fire while attempting to light the lamp in the lantern room, and to Basil Small whose great-grandfather, James Small, sold the peninsula to the New Brunswick government so the lighthouse could be built.

Other commemorative plaques can be installed for those who love Swallow Tail or have some connection.

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b Donations

By making a donation to Swallowtail Keepers Society, you will support the continued preservation of the Swallow Tail light station. We rely on kind donations to help us maintain the high standards expected from light keepers in the past for their light station and to continue to improve services and programs for visitors. Preserving light keeping traditions is an integral part of maritime history.

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b Membership

Various levels of donations allow you to become a member.

Membership Levels
Casual Keeper: $25.00 – $100.00
Assistant Keeper: $100.01 – $250.00
Fog Engineer: $250.01 – $750.00
Head Keeper: $750.01+

Membership has its privileges:

  • 10% discount in gift shop
  • One free pass to the lighthouse museum per year
  • Annual newsletter
  • Membership card (required to show for discounts)
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b Memorial stairs

Want to have a loved one remembered?

  • A donation of $1000.00 will allow you to reserve a stair in the lighthouse,
  • $500 will share a stair with one other,
  • $250 will share a stair with four others.

A plaque will be installed to recognize the memorial.

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b Cultural Connections

Don’t miss the other cultural organizations on Grand Manan Island, whom we work with to promote community spirit, artistry, history, and environmental awareness.

Grand Manan Museum – a marvellous community museum that houses both the 2nd order Fresnel lens and the DCB Aerobeacon from Gannet Rock lighthouse, and helped us celebrate the 150th anniversary in 2010.

Grand Manan Art Gallery – hosts a number of shows through the summer, many of which have Swallow Tail and the other island lighthouses as artistic inspiration.

Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station – a tiny natural history museum where you can find out more information about the marine wildlife that can be seen from the shores of Swallow Tail and the other lighthouse lookouts on the island and surrounding waters.

Grand Manan Archives – housed in the Grand Manan Museum, the archives are vital to preserve much of the maritime and lighthouse history of the archipelago.

Grand Manan Historical Society – publishes the Grand Manan Historians, a series of booklets containing invaluable historical information about Grand Manan.

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